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Medicaid Expansion Bad for ND Zack Tiggelaar Standard Article 2/28/2013
Smuggling May Undermine Cigarette Tax Hike Goals By Zach Tiggelaar and Michael LaFaive Standard Article 2/4/2013
Statement on Haugland v. City of Bismarck Decision NDPC Standard Article 7/9/2012
Replacing Property Tax Revenue Brett Narloch Standard Article 5/1/2012
You Can’t Fight A Corrupt Government with More Government Rob Port Standard Article 4/22/2012
Open Meetings in Minneapolis? Rob Port Standard Article 3/19/2012
Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying Rob Port Standard Article 3/19/2012
Frack Nation in the Media NDPC In the Media 3/7/2012
NDPC’s Brett Narloch on the Scott Hennen Show (Ron Paul) NDPC In the Media 2/27/2012
Government Transparency and Democracy Rob Port Standard Article 2/22/2012
O’Toole Visit Media Hits NDPC In the Media 12/28/2011
BS Alert: State-run exchanges do not mean local control Brett Narloch BS Alert 11/10/2011
FMF Media Hits NDPC In the Media 11/8/2011
NDPC on Scott Hennen Show (Obamanomics) NDPC In the Media 9/22/2011
BS Alert: North Dakota Embraces Obamanomics Brett Narloch BS Alert 9/20/2011
BS Alert: Participating in the Exchange Brett Narloch BS Alert 8/30/2011
Senate Majority Leader Candidates Brett Narloch Standard Article 8/19/2011
NDPC on the Scott Hennen Show (Higher Education) NDPC In the Media 8/15/2011
BS Alert: GF Herald ignores facts about higher ed Brett Narloch BS Alert 7/26/2011
NDPC in Bismarck Tribune (Spending) NDPC In the Media 7/18/2011

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