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Title Author Date
Internship applications available NDPC 3/7/2012
NPNHA management plan released Brett Narloch 2/22/2012
North Dakota’s education policy grade; D+ Brett Narloch 2/1/2012
Is North Dakota a low-tax state? Brett Narloch 2/1/2012
Another snag for the Northern Plains National Heritage Area Brett Narloch 11/15/2011
Free Market Forum Straw Poll Results NDPC 11/10/2011
Candidate Paul Sorum says state budget growing faster than federal budget Brett Narloch 9/20/2011
Lloyd Omdahl: North Dakota has a negative tax image Brett Narloch 8/15/2011
North Dakota State Senator heeds NDPC’s call for investigation into higher ed Brett Narloch 8/15/2011
Forbes: UND and NDSU are 519, 589 respectively Brett Narloch 8/4/2011
Budget amendment would strip funding for Heritage Areas Brett Narloch 7/28/2011
National Heritage Areas Possibly Becoming National Parks Brett Narloch 7/19/2011
Heritage Foundation promote The North Dakota Legislative Review Brett Narloch 7/18/2011
Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses ND’s new health care law Brett Narloch 4/26/2011
Leading Constitutional Attorney Says Health Care Freedom Act is Constitutional Brett Narloch 2/23/2011
NDPC Higher Ed Study Widely Used Brett Narloch 2/16/2011
Local Government Transparency Bill Defeated Brett Narloch 2/13/2011
NDPC Analysis: HB1189 - Corporate Income Tax Cut Brett Narloch 2/4/2011
NDPC in Legacy Fund Report NDPC 1/4/2011
Higher Education Press - Links NDPC 12/16/2010

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