home security

Home safety should be paramount because it is not worth losing all you have worked in a lifetime just in seconds. Before the inception of technology, security was handled differently. People who owned security guards were considered the rich ones in society. However, with time hiring a security guard is very easy. The problem is the security guards are not the best at the moment because of the inception of technology.

You no longer need a guard, but you can use some of the gadgets in the market that will enhance security in your home. In this article, we take you through some of the best gadgets that you can use in your home for safety enhancement.

The LG Smart Security Solution

home shelfThis is a home security gadget that is used for the provision of security in your home. The gadget is a camera, microphone, motion tracker and speaker. The good thing about the device is that you can easily and quickly set it up in your home. You will be required to download an app from play store before you can set up your camera. The best way to install it is placing the device on your shelf rather than mounting it. This is because, on the shelf, you will get a great view of the door area. After installations, you will be able to watch every activity in the house from the app.

Skybell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Door bellThe Skybell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell is not a camera in the traditional sense. This device acts like a hired bouncer whose work is to screen visitors before they get into your house. The gadget will analyze guests coming into your house before they are let in. The device can offer free online videos and will notify you in case anyone presses the button. On the other hand, the device can allow you take photos and record a video through voice command.

Nest Protect Fire and Carbon Monoxide detector

You also need to stay safe not only from outside the house but also inside the house. The Nest Protect Fire and Carbon Monoxide detector will help in preventing fire, carbon,, and smoke. This device is very easy to set up and it is very effective on the function it performs. Once the device detects smoke, carbon monoxide or fire, you will immediately get a notification on your mobile phone. In case the device goes off without being shut off, you will be able to open it on the app and shut it off properly.